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     Why Use Alcohol Free?

    Alcohol is a drying agent. Why would you want to put it on your skin?

    Take a look at your so called lotions, moisturizers, lip balms and body mists.  Almost all of them contain alcohol. 

    We were made aware of this when my daughter was in modeling school.  The instructors told the students that they must use products that were alcohol free if they wanted their skin to be soft and to stay young looking.  If the products contained alcohol all you were doing was drying your skin out more.

    We looked at the products we had at home and everyone of them contained alcohol, including the lip balms.  Next, we went to the store and started looking at labels.  We couldn't find a product that was alcohol free.

    This all happened around the time we were investigating candles and so we shifted our focus a little to bath and body products.  We found out that high end skin care products were about the only items that were alcohol free.  The problem was that there weren't very many fragrance choices.  We also found out that the reason for using the alcohol is that it supposedly increases the scent throw of the product.  I'm not sure I agree with that because if you go to a store, open a body mist and smell it, all you can smell is the alcohol.

    We decided to start making our own bath and body products because we love using different fragrances depending on our mood and whatever season it might be and we didn't want to dry out our skin - we wanted soft, young looking skin.

    So, we put the most fragrance we possible can into our products (too much will cause the product to break down), we use the best ingredients we can find, we use pretty, practical containers, and we offer over 60 fragrances to choose from.  We love our alcohol free products and hope you will too.