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Benefits of "Alcohol Free" products:

Alcohol is a drying agent. Why would you want to put it on your skin? If you want your skin be soft and stay young looking you need to use "Alcohol Free products". Take a look at your so called lotions, moisturizers, lip balms and body mists. Almost all of them contain alcohol.

We put the most fragrance we possibly can into our products (too much will cause the product to break down), we use the best ingredients we can find, we use pretty, practical containers, and we offer over 70 fragrances to choose from. We love our alcohol free products and hope you will too.

Benefits of Layering your products:

To get the most from your bath and body products experts recommend layering them. Begin with a shower gel, or soap in your favorite fragrance. If you are taking a bath, don't forget our Fizzy Bath Salts. If you are showering, our Body Polish works wonderfully. It exfoliates the dead skin cells and leaves you skin unbelievably soft. It smells great too.

While your skin is still warm from your bath or shower, apply the lotion generously, this allows for the best absorption possible. You may follow with our Body Powder.

Next, spray yourself with our Body Mist. You can also spray your hair while still wet and style as usual. Your hair will smell great and it will benefit from the extra moisturizing. Grab one of our perfume sticks and toss it in your purse for a quick pick me up during the day.

An important fact to remember is that the lower the alcohol content of your fragrance the longer it will last; none of our products contain any alcohol. By following these steps, your fragrance should last all day. You deserve to spend a little time pampering yourself!

Benefits of Glycerin:

Glycerin is a natural by product of the soap making process and while commercial manufacturers remove the glycerin for use in lotions and creams, handcrafted soap retains glycerin in each and every bar.

Glycerin is a humectant (substance that promotes retention of moisture) and has the ability to absorb water from the air. Due to this feature it will sometimes "glisten" from the moisture it has attracted. Glycerin has no drying qualities and leaves your skin silky smooth. It is especially great for elbows, heels, tender skin and children's skin. The important thing to remember about glycerin is that is should be placed in a slotted soap dish for proper drainage. If there is too much water on the soap it will start to gel.

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