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Why Buy Soy Candles:

Candles have been around for generations. They are very soothing. Surveys indicate nine out of ten candle users say burning candles make a room feel comfortable and cozy. Fragrance has been the most important factor affecting candle sales up until now!

The down side of the majority of candles is that they are made with paraffin wax, a petroleum based by-product of refined gasoline. Many candles also have a zinc core wick that increases the release of black soot. Studies have shown that carcinogens released by paraffin wax candles are as dangerous as second hand cigarette smoke or gasoline being burned by an automobile and can cause harm to the heart, lungs, circulatory system and the nervous system.

* Soy is all natural and biodegradable, it is a vegetable. Soy is water-soluble which makes it much easier to clean up. A little soap and hot water and the soy wax is gone!

* Soybeans are a renewable resource. Purchasing soy products helps to support American farmers.

* Soybeans are a renewable resource (unlike paraffin wax which is a petroleum product), which contributes to the reduction of our dependency on crude oil.

* Soy wax burns cooler and therefore slower than paraffin wax. This means that your soy candles will last longer.

*Soy wax is non-toxic. It produces 95% less carbon emissions than paraffin wax. Because of this fact, candles made from soy wax burn much cleaner. The soot emitted from burning paraffin candles can blacken your walls, windows, and furniture, and most importantly, it can emit toxic carcinogens into the air that you and your family breathe in every day.

* In addition our wicks are made from natural hemp and contain no zinc. TRIM WICKS OFTEN for best results. Our awesome fragrances are blended all the way through every soy candle. You can burn your soy candles down to the last drop and still enjoy the wonderful aroma.

Have you ever noticed when you wash your windows the cloth or paper towel has black on it? Ours used to be like that too. We ask people not to smoke in our homes because it isn't good for us, yet we burn candles that are just as bad.

Experts agree indoor air pollution is often much worse than outdoor pollution. We purchase special furnaces and air purifiers in an effort to improve our health. Then we turn around and light petroleum based products in our home. There is a better choice - you can have your ambience and be healthy at the same time with soy candles.

A well made soy candle will create very little smoke when burning properly. However, smoking will occur whenever a candle's flame is disturbed, which allows the minute particles from the wick to escape from the flame. Any candle can be made to smoke by causing the flame to flicker. To minimize candle flickering, trim the wick to one-quarter inch before lighting, and place burning soy candles away from vents, drafts and other strong air currents. If a candle continues to flicker significantly or smoke noticeably, it should be extinguished. Allow it to cool, trim the wick, check for drafts and then relight it. As for other candle tips, store candles in a cool, dark, dry place and consider purchasing a Candle Quencher. The Candle Quencher trims the wick and instantly extinguishes the flame. This completely eliminates smoke and reduces soot by taking away the oxygen.

As we said in the beginning, most people choose their candles because of the way they smell. We have over 65 fabulous scents for you to choose from. The fragrance is evenly distributed all the way through the soy candle so you can burn it down to the very bottom and still enjoy the fantastic smell. Our labels are on the top and bottom of the soy candles so you can see the beautiful classic jar, which reflects the glow of the candle. All of our soy candles are hand poured, the way candles have been made for many generations. Our quality control is evident in every jar, not just a spot check. We won't send you anything we wouldn't put in our own homes. So remember, you can continue a wonderful tradition by burning candles and still ensure that your family is safe, just burn soy candles.

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Pam Tyler


email: pam@pamsessentials.com