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Pams’ Essentials Aromatic Spa Experience

Just ask your friends if they would enjoy a little relaxation and time to pamper themselves by sampling some of our body mists and lotions, and indulging in a hand therapy treatment. You and your guests will also be able to smell our wonderful soaps, candles and air fresheners. See how clean our candles burn. All of our fragrances will be available for you to smell.

This is a great way to earn free products for yourself!

Earn 15% of your show sales in free product

plus bonus gift certificates to use for yourself or give as a gift.

$150 show - $22.50
$200 show - $30.00
$300 show - $45.00
$400 show - $60.00 + $5.00 certificate
$500 show - $75.00 + $10.00 certificate
$750 show - $112.50+ $15.00 certificate

(Show sales totals are calculated before sales tax)

*Monthly specials for Hostesses *Quick delivery—local company

*No shipping charges for you or guests *Home, Book or Office shows

Earn free products!

- Delivery within one week of show

- No shipping charges added to orders

- Hostess gifts

- Booking bonuses

Please call if you are interested in a home party for more information.

(414) 477-9286 ask for Pam.

Email: pam@pamsessentials.com